Describes a beckn message context for On_confirm API call

Schema Definition

Field Type Description
domain string Describes the domain of an object
country Country/properties/code Country code
city City/properties/code City code
action string Defines the Beckn API call. Any actions other than the ennumerated actions are not supported by Beckn Protocol
Allowed values : on_confirm
core_version string Version of Beckn core API specification being used
bap_id string Unique id of the BAP.
bap_uri string URI of the BAP for accepting callbacks.
bpp_id string Unique id of the BPP.
bpp_uri string URI of the BPP.
transaction_id string This is a unique value which persists across all API calls from search through confirm
message_id string This is a unique value which persists during a request / callback cycle
timestamp string Time of request generation
key string The encryption public key of the sender
ttl string The duration after timestamp for which this message holds valid
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