On Subscribe

Validates a subscriber


In this API the Registry generates a random string, encrypts it with the subscriber’s encryption public key and sends it to the subscriber’s callback URL. The subscriber then decrypts the string using it’s encryption private key and sends back the decypted value to the registry. If the decrypted value is the same as the sent value, the subscriber gets added to the registry with a status = "SUBSCRIBED"






Request Body Schema

Field Type description
subscriber_id string A unique ID describing a subscriber on a network.
challenge string String encrypted using the subscriber’s encryption public key

Request Body Example

  "challenge": "encrypted_challange_string",
  "subscriber_id": "beckn.org"

Here the registry sends an encrypted string to the subscriber.


Response Body Schema

Field Type Description
answer* string Decrypted value

Response Body Example

  "answer": "decrypted_challange_string"

Sends back the decrypted challenge string using its private key.

Response Codes

Code Description
200 Successful subscription
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