Describes a payment

Schema Definition

Field Type Description
uri string A payment uri to be called by the BAP. If empty, then the payment is to be done offline. The details of payment should be present in the params object. If tl_method = http/get, then the payment details will be sent as url params. Two url param values, $transaction_id and $amount are mandatory. And example url would be :$transaction_id&amount=$amount&vpa=upiid&payee=shopez&billno=1234
tl_method string Allowed values:http/get, http/post
params object Object containg the parameters of payment.
type string Allowed values:
ON-ORDER (order confirmation requires payment to be completed),
PRE-FULFILLMENT (payment needs to be completed before fulfillment is completed),
ON-FULFILLMENT (payment will be completed along with fullfillment like cash on delivery model),
POST-FULFILLMENT (payment can be settled later on as per the time object)
status string Allowed values:PAID, NOT-PAID
time Time Describes time in which payment needs to be made
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