Beckn-in-a-box BAP

Beckn In A Box BAP

Beckn In A Box BAP

This is a reference implementation of a BAP. A user can search for items, view catalogs of BPPs, place an order and view order updates on the app. The Beckn in a Box BAP is composed of 3 layers :
  • UI layer
  • Client layer
  • Protocol layer

UI Layer

The UI layer is the frontend implemented using Vue.js Storefront. The UI layer interacts with the client layer using the client protocol API definitions.

Client Layer

The client layer receives inputs from the UI layer and initiates Beckn protocol calls to the Beckn network. The client layer interacts with the protocol layer to get the responses from protocol callbacks.

Protocol Layer

The protocol layer receives protocol callback responses from the Beckn network and saves them to the database. One whole API request and callback would be as below :
  • The UI layer calls the Client Layer to trigger the BAP protocol calls to the Beckn Network
  • The Client layer makes the call to the Beckn network
  • The callback response comes to the BAP protocol endpoint on the protocol layer and the response is saved to the database.
  • The UI layer polls the client layer using messageId for responses. The client layer calls the protocol layer to get the response saved to the database.
The logical architecture for the same can be seen below : A suggested deployment architecture for the above using AWS can be seen below : Links :
Storefront UI repository
Client layer repository
Protocol layer repository
DTOS repository